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Grupo Acura was founded in 1988 in Mexico City to meet the needs of international companies based in Mexico, import services for goods and products that were not available in the country. In 1994, with the opening of the borders, Grupo Acura began to grow at high rates, which allowed it to diversify its portfolio. In 1997 we expanded our production capacity with the facilities of the metal tank manufacturing plant in the city of Salamanca, Guanajuato. Strategically located in the center of the country in a region of high economic, technological and industrial growth. This has allowed us to develop in different areas, manufacturing equipment according to the needs of our customers.


We provide superior value solutions, products and services that support, accelerate and provide competitive advantages to the businesses of our industrial clients. Our clients consider us strategic partners for their success and reward us as leaders in our segment, enabling our business and our people to prosper.


We are recognized as the best strategic partner for industrial services, technology and integrated solutions in Mexico. We serve the leaders of the Automotive and Aeronautical, Chemical, Food and Mass Consumption industries. We are key to our clients' competitive advantage and this results in sustainable growth for the Acura Group.